The Ko-Stiffness Method and it's Potentail use for the Geosynthetically Reinforced MSE Walls in Turkey

A research is being carried out to understand the stress-strain behaviour of GEO-BLOK Type MSE Retaining Walls. The research focuses on the findings of the "Ko-Stiffness Method" (Allen and Bathurst, 2001). Two GEO-BLOK MSE Walls are being constructed with strain-gauges installed on the geotextile reinforcement elements. Different backfill materials are being used in the walls in order to compare the stress-strain differences in the geotextiles. The research is being conducted by Kaan Doğanışık (BS, Civil Engineer) and is sponspored by GEOBOS.


"Strain Gauge" Calibaration Test "Strain Gauge" placed on the geotextile sample "Strain Gauge" placed on the geotextile sample